Shipping & Delivery Policy

Shipping & Delivery Policy

To clarify, is not a shipping company or a last-mile delivery company. Our service utilizes the best available established services to manage the freight and delivery services in your local area and to your door. We do our very best to negotiate competitive rates and offer the best prices in the field. Any prices associated with shipment will be clearly disclosed to our customers.

At checkout, all orders made on will have the final destination address attached to it. Once ready, your order will be shipped to its destination country, where it is evaluated and cleared by customs and duty agents on your behalf.

All packages will arrive to the destination country in the customer's name.

Ready orders and packages will be delivered by our courier partners to the final destination address that you've provided to us. If the items are being shipped from a source that is outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, it will take more time. Please note that your orders may arrive in multiple packages depending on the number of sellers that you order from as well as their fulfillment policies.

We try our best to manage and report any delays to the final delivery of a Customer's packages. Delays could be due to weather, customs, regulatory, product availability, or shipment issues.